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Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates to “union”. Through yoga we unite the body, mind, and spirit. When practiced as a therapeutic method, yoga is not a religion, it is a 5,000-year old practice of healing, self-awareness, and deep inward connection. 


Although the common image of a yoga practitioner is of a flexible, youthful-looking person who can bend themselves into impossible contortions, yoga can, in fact, be practiced by people of any age, size, shape or state of health. It can be done by the chair-bound senior citizen, the 5-year old beginner, and every age in between.


Often accompanying a yoga practice is meditation. Meditation is deep concentration that supports mental focus and emotional calmness. It can be practiced by anyone from any culture or religion because it simply involves listening to the breath and slowing the mental thoughts. Meditation creates pauses and spaces in between thoughts so that the mind/body can “reset” and regroup from the constant physical and mental activity.   


As a beginner, take a class that is either specifically for beginners or is taught at a slower pace. If you are recovering from physical trauma, such as surgery or an injury, get clearance from your healthcare provider or physician before practicing yoga, and look for a slow-paced or therapeutic yoga class.  
According to the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, which has published hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on therapeutic yoga, correct and consistent practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation has been numerous benefits. Yoga has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, decrease muscular recovery time, reduce back and joint pain, and decrease autoimmune symptoms. In addition, numerous university studies have shown how meditation and mindfulness alone can subside the stress that accumulates from physical, emotional, and psychological traumas.
Try yoga and/or meditation to find out if it is a good fit for you. Call today!


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