Yoga & Melt Instructor 


Ynske started her fitness journey with yoga in Dubai in 2008. She needed something to express herself and calm herself. Moving across half of the world with two little kids was a little overwhelming. She found what she was looking for in Vinyasa Yoga. Ynske just loves the flow and freedom of moving through poses. It reminds her of dancing, which was a particularly important part of her life growing up in the Netherlands.

When an opportunity for a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training came up in 2011, she jumped in with both feet. It turned out to be the best decision ever as she got to share her love for helping people, sharing her love for moving, and teaching others different ways of looking at their body and creating an awareness on how to find ways to relieve for stress and pain.

Moving back to Houston in 2014 continuing teaching yoga and spreading the love for movement brought her in contact with other disciplines. From Yoga, Pilates, Barre, TRX and more recently towards personal training and MELT. Ynske’s passion is to share movement in the most natural way to feel good, to be strong, to move freely without pain, and to age healthily and gracefully. Ynske uses all she learnt in her extended multidisciplined journey to help where she can.

Yoga: connecting body and mind through relaxation, breath work and asana practice in fun flowing movement practice; learning to be still and present; get mentally and physically stronger through vinyasa flow and core work Pilates style.

MELT: deal with stuck stress in the body through soft roller and ball treatments and in only 10 minutes a day you can feel fantastic. Learn how to help yourself, eliminate chronic pain, and erase the signs of aging.


Get to know me:

  • I love working with people and kids. I enjoy teaching them an active, healthy, and more ‘stress free’ lifestyle and inspiring them through yoga, fitness, and nutrition.

  • I grew up in the Netherlands and moved to Houston with my husband in 2002.

  • I like to continue to challenge myself and grow my skills and become a better person and better teacher

  • Working on being a role model for my kids; we need to work hard to create all kinds of opportunities so we can enjoy life more fully and joyfully doing what we love

  • Spending time with my kids is particularly important to me; they are teenagers now and I love watching them become independent world citizens

  • I am a science geek!



  • Melt Method certified in hand and foot and level 1-3

  • 200hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher training; additional courses in Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga

  • Ace Personal Trainer certified

  • Mat and Reformer Pilates certified


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