Yoga Instructor and Integrative Nutrition

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My story, full of many dimensions and colorful chapters, founded the mission to my work: To build a healthy, positive community through social partnership, information and events about nutrition, physical activity, emotional/mental care through holistic practices. 


My background in health & fitness began many years before graduating as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and as a yoga instructor from the Yoga Institute.


Since childhood, embarrassed about the symptoms, I silently suffered from anxiety and pain/discomfort associated with digestive issues that developed into autoimmune disorders.


After taking my first yoga class in 2002, I realized how incredible breathing exercises and stretching could transform my mood and improve my physical sense. Through a more consistent yoga practice, I learned how to connect my mind, body, spirit in a way that I could tune in to certain triggers and found coping strategies to reduce symptoms. The shift became so apparent that family members could note the difference and encouraged me to make time for yoga.


Truly seeing the ripple effect of my own practice created a spark to share yoga with my community, so I became certified to teach and then to pursue a career as a health & fitness coach. Throughout my career, I’ve had the blessing of serving hundreds of students on and off their mats with breathing & meditation exercises, nutrition information and support with reaching personal and professional goals.


Yoga is not about touching your toes; it’s about finding the peace within and connecting with yourself on a greater level. My role as a teacher is to offer a roadmap for your own practice.


It is my sincere belief that yoga offers a complimentary partnership for you as you pursue your own journey. As a yoga teacher, my hope is to be there for you, in the way you wish. My ears and heart are always open, my classes are always honored to have you join. Should you be a first-time or a long-time student, please come as you are.


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