Yoga Instructor 

Intuitive Healer

Women's Health and Wellness Coach

I am here to help YOU Thrive!

My purpose is to provide women with health and wellness techniques that will allow them to shift their perspective around their unique power so they may create a life that is filled with health, joy, purpose and peace.

I am an intuitive healer, women’s health and wellness life coach and 500RYT. I have been teaching yoga, health and wellness modalities for the past 10 years and I help women to better embody their true selves based on the power of alchemical changes found through self-awareness, connectivity and the many tools intuition has to offer.

My teachings revolve around the belief that in order to access creative change and powerful healing, one must first learn to ground down and open up. A paradigm that has led me through many years of study and self-discovery, and which brings a unique voice and quality to each of my teachings and healing modalities.

I believe in the importance of intuitive knowing and connection as a paramount foundation for life and healing, and am a firm believer in the importance individually, as each person relates to, understands and embodies this world in a unique manner. 

I am also a firm believer in the importance of continual education and am constantly growing my knowledge of intuitive healing, yoga, meditation, nutrition, physiology, psychology and much more. My mission is to help women to develop and harness the tools that can help them heal from the inside out by allowing them to truly get to know who they are and teaching them how to remain present to every moment so they can release, open and create a life that is filled with joy, purpose and peace.


I am a healer, dreamer, seeker of adventure, old soul and a creative spirit all rolled into one lovely little package :-). And the truth is, I haven't always been a health nut or even a yoga and meditation type-person. No, really. Most of my young adult life consisted of movie and TV watching, couch surfing, day-dreaming and yo-yo dieting. But slowly and beautifully, the Universe has shown me that there is a way to heal, live, thrive and break free from old stories, and this has slowly brought me into a place of peace, flow, contentment and self-love that now informs my every step.  - And yes, I am also a little bit of a poet/hippie/nerd haha.


Get to Know Me:

  • I am a huge nerd and proud of it ;-) 

  • I love reading deeply but will not turn an audiobook or movie down

  • I like nature, but have a healthy respect for things in nature (aka little critters)



  • 500 RYT

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hawthorn University – Nutrition Consultant

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