IASIS MicroCurrent Neurofeedback: Why You Need To Know About It

Updated: Aug 20

was trained as an IASIS Certified Provider in August, 2019, and as excited as I was, I did not fully grasp the significance of the technology or how impactful it would be. The system was developed over 10 years ago, but is not very well known. After using it to treat hundreds of clients, I am determined to get the word out about how incredible it is. Every person deserves to know and understand that there is a viable option available to them that is effective in helping with a long list of mental, emotional and physical conditions in a natural way. Medication is not the only option.

The most common question I am asked about MCN is, “Is it like shock therapy?” While shock therapy is used in certain specific circumstances, IASIS MCN is about as far away from shock therapy as you can get if we were putting them on a spectrum. The IASIS system uses three trillionths of a watt of energy (millions of times LESS energy than your cell phone). This tiny current of energy is completely painless—the client cannot determine if the machine is on or off at any time. So since the energy used is so tiny, how does it work? It works by delivering carefully calibrated and controlled signals to the brain in a language the brain can understand and gently nudges the CNS (central nervous system) toward balance. IASIS MCN unlike medications, has the potential to produce enduring modifications to the inefficiently functioning brain, guiding it toward optimal health and performance. The average session takes about 7 minutes….quick, painless and effective.

It is important to understand that with IASIS, the goal is to balance the brain and to keep it in balance—we call this sustainability. It will take more than a few sessions to reach sustainability, so plan on regular sessions for awhile. As treatment progresses, the responses (changes) will last longer and longer. On average, most people should expect 15 sessions, but some will need less and others may require more. The experience of a typical IASIS session is pleasant and relaxing, much like a spa treatment. Many clients continue sessions on a regular basis after the initial training is sustained—we call these monthly or occasional sessions “tune-ups”.

The best part about being an IASIS MCN provider is getting to witness the transformations in my clients. Since I see them usually weekly, sometimes even more often, I have a front row seat to not

only their treatment, but also get to know each pretty well personally. I love to share real examples of the effectiveness of this technology—so many times I have marveled at what I’ve seen this therapy do. Here are just a few experiences I have witnessed:

A middle-aged man came to me with severe PTSD, nightmares, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression and substance use issues. He was suffering and even broke down in tears during our first session. After the first IASIS treatment, he felt a dramatic difference in his PTSD, depression and anxiety. Sleep steadily got better and the nightmares became fewer and farther between. After about 10 sessions, he was able to quit substances and all of his symptoms remained manageable. He had a new lease on life and continued semi-weekly/monthly sessions regularly to facilitate sleep and reduce cravings. Physically, he looks like a completely different person.

A teenaged severely autistic boy was brought to me for IASIS sessions to see if it could help him with his speech (he was verbal, but very difficult to understand), irritability/frustration, and his frequent violent outbursts. He did not like to be touched, and he was very anxious during his first IASIS session, not even wanting to stay seated in the chair. About halfway through the first session (maybe 3 minutes), he started to relax, and by the end of that session, his mom and I could see that he had virtually melted into the chair. She had never seen him so peaceful. Every session after that, he raced (literally ran) to my office to get his IASIS treatment! Arriving for session 3, he smiled, waved, and said to me, “Hi Janelle!” Over many sessions, he became more talkative and easier to understand. He would tell stories and lots of jokes and was very funny. He asked lots of questions and never forgot an answer I would give him. He had very few outbursts of anger and self-harming at home and was generally much more calm and productive. He also became self-aware of his own body and space, and began communicating his feelings.

A young teen boy on the spectrum came to me with depression, harmful/violent thoughts, aggression, and was not engaging socially with anyone. He was fully able to communicate, but did not want to interact with me much at all during his first few sessions. After session 6, there was a breakthrough, and his mother called me to tell me about it—I’ll never forget her excitement. She said her son had come out of his room to sit with the family in the living room, watching the news with them and initiating conversation about what was going on in the world. He also suggested they all watch a

movie together later that evening and asked if he could go swimming after dinner (something she had been trying to get him to do for months to no avail).

A middle-aged wife and mother came to see me at the behest of her family who gave her the choice of trying IASIS MCN or being admitted to the hospital (again) for suicidal thoughts and severe depression. She had been struggling with depression for many years. After her first session, her depression went from a 10 to a 2, her energy and sleep both drastically improved, and no more suicidal thoughts. After about 10 sessions, she was able to decrease her depression medication, and maintain a healthy mental state.

A young woman was dealing with crippling anxiety and attention/focus issues. She found it impossible to sit through an entire movie at one time and felt like there were about a million tabs open in her brain all the time. She was also exhausted because she was not sleeping well due to the racing thoughts. She found immense relief after her first IASIS session! Sleep improved, anxiety went from a 10 to a 3, and her focus improved over 9 sessions from a 9 to a 2. She was able to watch a movie in one sitting for the first time in years.

There are so many more! Perhaps most notably, as amazing as it is to witness such drastic transformations, it is even more incredible for the person who experiences it. Their families benefit too. Most not only feel much better but actually physically look like a different person after IASIS MCN sessions. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to help others reclaim their lives.

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