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Intuitive Healing:


Intuition, awareness, and presence can be incredibly powerful tools for healing. Yet, too often, we find ourselves leaning further away from them because we have learned to mistrust ourselves. 

Intuitive healing is aligned with bringing you back to a place of inner-knowing that can help you know your true power and worth, so you may become empowered, grounded, and nourished in all aspects of your life. 


When we can shift our perspectives, listen to our true selves, become present, aware, vulnerable, and introspective enough, we create safe space for us in which to heal core-wounds, transform old stories, identify patterns of stagnation and embody our lives in a truly creative manner, so that we no longer feel as though we were at the effect of things, but rather, the masterful creators of our own lives. – Intuitive healing allows us to become miracle workers and it allows us to embody the fullness of ourselves in a space of contentment. 


An intuitive healer helps to facilitate connection and transformation with and through the self. The work takes many different shapes and forms, and is individually tailored to each person’s needs because we are all unique and hold individually unique ways to perceive and embody the world around and within. 

Working with an intuitive healer is meant to bring us into a the journey of the self through the self and it can bring forth deepened clarity, connection to self and the world around us and connection to the intuitive knowing we can all use to create and live empowered, thriving lives. 


The clarity, discernment, and deep connection to the Divine that emerges through this ongoing process become tools that can then be used to heal others. In essence, Intuitive Healers are individuals who call upon their own deep intuition to be able to recognize the energetic blocks that are causing “dis-ease” in themselves and others, and offer guidance to clear those blocks. 

In this process, you may:

  • Remember your true power

  • Re-discover your true self

  • Heal old stories and core-wounds that have been holding you back 

  • Move past old patterns

  • Embody your own light with confidence

  • Clear old energy blocks so you may create, rather than remaining at the effect of 

  • Root into your inner knowing and internal guide

  • Stop externalizing, and embrace your unique power


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