Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Supervised by Shaun Burrow, LPC-S 


My story isn’t finished yet. Some chapters are ugly and some are splendiferous! Some pages are by choice and some are by chance. Sometimes my only way to the mountaintops have been by way of the valleys. I’d rather take a helicopter ride to the top but then I’d miss the encounters below that have shaped and reshaped who I am.


Speaking of, I go by my last name, pronounced “koobuh.” Not that I’m famous or anything. It’s just that’s what everyone has called me since I can remember. I’ve worked with adolescents and their families for over 30 years. I retired from the job but not the role. I went back to school to earn my professional counseling certification so that I could enhance my commitment in helping others enrich their personal journeys .


Get to know me:

  • Avid outdoor enthusiast

  • Love backpacking the Colorado 14ers

  • Two-time Ironman finisher


  • Licensed Professional Counselor – Associate (supervised by Shaun Burrow)

  • Youth and Family minister


  • B.A. in Religious Communications

  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Life experience


  • American Counseling Association member

  • Director of Camp Awesome (3rd-6th grade summer camp)

  • Board member for Camp Awesome


I thrive on human connection and compassion. No thing and no person is flawless, so I’m comfortable dealing with the messy. That’s how we work out the orderly. My goal is not perfection but direction. Afterall, my own story is still being written!