Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching is different from consulting, counseling, mentoring, and administering therapy. A life coach helps you succeed by assessing your current direction, uncovering limiting beliefs, adjusting mindset, and identifying your obstacles to a create custom plan of action and have the life you really, really want.


Goal setting and creating a plan of action can be a challenge alone but with your coach’s help, it can be a fun and enlightening experience. Once you’ve established short and long-term goals, your coach works with you to create your Vision Board, the real life art work that tells the story of your life to come! You don’t have to be artistic to create your board, you only need to be willing to use your imagination. Your vision board will act as your constant reminder of where you are headed and it sets the foundation for your journey to success.


Adjusting mindset is one of the key components to achieving your goals in life coaching. How you started out seeing the world is not how you have to see the world forever. Your coach helps you see the world differently to reach your full potential. Most successful people adjust the way they think and believe instead of making their experiences or their world responsible for their situation. Your coach will help you adjust your thinking and beliefs to match your desires. Some results of changing mindset and limiting beliefs include:


•     Clarity about your purpose and direction

•     Confidence in decision making

•     Develop unshakable self-esteem and resiliency

•     Deepen your connection to self and others

•     Strengthen resolve and ability to commit


Obstacles are the #1 reason people don’t follow through with their dreams or achieve their goals. Two examples of overcoming obstacles are, not procrastinating or making excuses, and moving through fears to get things done. Obstacles happen to everyone, but working through them and finding solutions is how you will win. Where there is a will, there is a way and your coach can help you find YOUR way.

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