Licensed Professional Counselor


I’m a licensed professional counselor with 30 years of experience. I work with all ages but I have an affinity for working with adolescents, adults, and couples. I’m also very experienced in evaluating children for ADHD.


My first goal is to establish trust with my clients in order to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for discussing issues. I consider it a privilege that clients allow me into their world and help them with some of the most difficult challenges in their lives.


My approach is mostly cognitive behavioral. I’m experienced in collaborating with other professionals, medical, educational, when necessary. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, physical and sexual abuse and trauma, school issues, family conflict, work stress, life transitions such as marriage, divorce, parenting conflicts, retirement adjustments.


Get to know Me

 • I’m a parent of three young.            

    adults ages 19, 23, and 26.

 • I’ve always been an animal lover

    and have had a variety over the


 • I’m a dog breeder. My breeds are

    Dachshunds, Cardigan Welsh

    Corgis, and Labradoodles.

 • I show my dachshunds and

    corgis and have many


 • I live on 3.5 wooded acres with

    my dogs, 2 cats, a donkey, and

    three goats.

 • I love the outdoors so gardening,

    hiking, relaxing outside are things

    I enjoy.




 •Licensed Professional Counselor



 • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

 • Master of Education, Counseling            



Evidenced Based Therapy

 • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,    


 • Solution Focused

 • Family Systems

 • Interpersonal Therapy